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SO3: Home

Hey there, thanks for stopping by to check the latest SO3 happenings. You are just in time for the release of our music video for the song "I Just Want You To (Dance With Me Tonight)" and you might be in it.

And take a listen to Invincible, one of the many SO3 songs featured in Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD) movie soundtrack the movie

Grab a free download while they last!

SO3 is a meld of psychedelic blues sounds with catchy indie and alternative rock sensibility. It's something for everyone; dancing, grooving, and thick 3-dimensional sound of a classic power trio.

Facebook is our current micro-blogging technology. You are just one click away from knowing what we are up to and when we are up to it pictures, blogs, and more.... And please click the "like" button when you're there! You can check out all of the shows that we have seen this past week.

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